Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT or Tapping

In 2008, I decided to take control of my life. I had been living with depression and fear for many years. My husband was in extreme poor health as a result of a motorcycle accident he had been in in 2002. At least one of the many blood transfusions that had been necessary to save his life had been tainted and he contracted Hepatitis C. The introduction of that little piece of contrast into our lives is another story for another day.

in 2006, he was working despite his lingering injuries and the extreme fatigue that he was feeling. He was starting to show some interesting physical indications of malody so we went to see his doctor and this time we asked them to run some tests. The tests didn’t come back in a good way. The indication was that he was in the beginning stages of kidney failure and his liver was also severely compromised. They also found some nodules on his lungs that they were concerned were cancerous. They threw out words like “mesothelioma.” With his results the way they were, they estimated that he had about 3 months to live. As a young mom with 5 small children, I’m sure you can see why I was a little concerned. But, as I always do, I turned to God, asked what I could do and I began taking steps to be able to provide for my family.

I knew that I had some baggage that I needed to get rid of if I were going to be the best mom and provider I could be… So, being the curious person I was, I started looking for ways to become a better me. In my research, I found a modality that seemed like it might be just what I needed. The website I stumbled upon was emofree.com. A man by the name of Gary Craig explained how this tapping process had evolved from a process called Thought Field Therapy by a psychologist named Roger Callahan. It turns out that Roger Callahan had found that by tapping on a series of very specific points, his patients were finding relief from many phobias and other complaints. The process was taught to several people and the evolution became EFT.

I was fascinated that by simply tapping on a few points on the body, and focusing on the emotion I could release the emotions and rewrite my story. So, I tried it. I studied everything I could, I took Gary Craig’s video trainings, and I began working on myself. Before too long, everything turned around and I started creating my own life and I found myself to be in a resourceful place providing for my family and working with some amazing people,

EFT became one of my favorite tools for helping to facilitate breakthroughs. There is a saying, “don’t go where you don’t belong.” This applies for any kind of healing work, and many well-meaning people have unintentionally caused trauma when trying to “help” clear the heavy stuff.

It takes a gentle touch and proper training to be able to help with deep trauma, but EFT is successfully used all over the world to help soldiers with PTSD, victims of genocide, and those affected by natural disasters.