The Secret behind The Secret

I am a self-proclaimed knowledge seeker. I love learning. Last year, I read 82 books, participated in 10 courses, and received 5 certifications. I don’t say this to brag… far from it. I say this to give you a context for my current paradigm. Now with all those books, courses and certifications, you’d think that I would be rolling in the dough… and yet, I’m not. I live an extremely abundant life, and my external conditions 100% reflect my internal condition… my limiting beliefs, my strengths, my awarenesses and those things that lie under the surface.

I am at times a self-help junkie… looking for the guru that is going to show me the magic steps, the easy path, the ever illusive millions. I love spending time with my kids and I adore being a stay-home mom. I enjoy the freedoms that this lifestyle give me and I like the security of where I am… and, I’d like to have more. I would like to travel with my kids, I’d love to have more adventures, a newer car, a bigger kitchen, healthier food to eat, I mean, who wouldn’t? So… I have been on a quest to change my mind so I could somehow be worthy for this “abundant” life. And, so far other than a change in paradigm, not a lot of physical changes have been apparent. Let’s explore why this is the case.

Let’s rewind the calendar 11 years. In a story I referenced in my EFT article, I was in a stuck place and knew that life needed to change. I had been a shelf-help junkie with books galore sitting on my shelves, programs I had never opened, and I felt a nudge to start doing something. I saw the movie The Secret and it ignited a curiosity in me. I started to see the possibilities of what life could bring. Incidentally, for me at least, The Secret introduced a brand new phenomenon… the Guru.

Many of these “gurus” had been around in their own right for years, but The Secret introduced them to a much broader audience. All those people who wanted to live the secret wanted to know what these experts had to say, and this movie provided a way for the experts to make their own millions teaching people the secrets and the laws of he universe.

Now, lest you misunderstand, there are laws of the universe, and there is a secret to living the life of your dreams, but, and this is a big but, the guru can’t do it for you. He has done it. He has lived it. He has aligned himself with the life he wants to live and he takes inspired action. That truly is the secret.

It’s not only about visualizing what you want. That’s important. How can you recognize the blessings and the fruits of your intentions if you don’t even know what those fruits might be? It’s not enough to go out and do what the guy who has what you want does. You must get yourself in a receiving state and then you must take inspired action.

in 2007, I started taking action. As a result, I manifested amazing abundance… as much as I could handle at that time. And then I decided the trade off wasn’t worth it. I had a mindset that I c0uldn’t have money and free time. I had to work hard to enjoy the kind of money I was making. And boy did I ever.

In 2012, my daughter KaiteLynneRose Sunshine graced our lives for 4 days. It was a daunting experience and one I wouldn’t trade for anything. I learned so much about myself through that experience, and I decided that being a mom was so much more important than the money so I quit my job. We had finally been awarded my husband’s disability and pension and “the sacrifices we would need to make for me to devote my time to the kids was worth it.”

So, true to the perfect order of the Law of Attraction, I got the sacrifices… I didn’t allow myself to be in that place where I could both have the money and the time. I didn’t even know how to attain that vibration. And I picked up odd jobs here and there where I was able to earn the extra money necessary. God always provided and we always had “just enough”.

Fast forward to 2017. A few things changed and I got a call to get out of my comfort zone and to step into my power. It started with a call to move from Las Vegas, my home for 41 years to Idaho, not even on my radar for possibilities. And then as I shook up my world, the call to finally stop playing small, to share all this knowledge I have acquired became a call I could no longer ignore.

I have lived The Secret. I have gotten as high as I would let myself go. And now, I can see the possibilities and I am excited to let my light shine and honor my divine purpose.

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT or Tapping

In 2008, I decided to take control of my life. I had been living with depression and fear for many years. My husband was in extreme poor health as a result of a motorcycle accident he had been in in 2002. At least one of the many blood transfusions that had been necessary to save his life had been tainted and he contracted Hepatitis C. The introduction of that little piece of contrast into our lives is another story for another day.

in 2006, he was working despite his lingering injuries and the extreme fatigue that he was feeling. He was starting to show some interesting physical indications of malody so we went to see his doctor and this time we asked them to run some tests. The tests didn’t come back in a good way. The indication was that he was in the beginning stages of kidney failure and his liver was also severely compromised. They also found some nodules on his lungs that they were concerned were cancerous. They threw out words like “mesothelioma.” With his results the way they were, they estimated that he had about 3 months to live. As a young mom with 5 small children, I’m sure you can see why I was a little concerned. But, as I always do, I turned to God, asked what I could do and I began taking steps to be able to provide for my family.

I knew that I had some baggage that I needed to get rid of if I were going to be the best mom and provider I could be… So, being the curious person I was, I started looking for ways to become a better me. In my research, I found a modality that seemed like it might be just what I needed. The website I stumbled upon was A man by the name of Gary Craig explained how this tapping process had evolved from a process called Thought Field Therapy by a psychologist named Roger Callahan. It turns out that Roger Callahan had found that by tapping on a series of very specific points, his patients were finding relief from many phobias and other complaints. The process was taught to several people and the evolution became EFT.

I was fascinated that by simply tapping on a few points on the body, and focusing on the emotion I could release the emotions and rewrite my story. So, I tried it. I studied everything I could, I took Gary Craig’s video trainings, and I began working on myself. Before too long, everything turned around and I started creating my own life and I found myself to be in a resourceful place providing for my family and working with some amazing people,

EFT became one of my favorite tools for helping to facilitate breakthroughs. There is a saying, “don’t go where you don’t belong.” This applies for any kind of healing work, and many well-meaning people have unintentionally caused trauma when trying to “help” clear the heavy stuff.

It takes a gentle touch and proper training to be able to help with deep trauma, but EFT is successfully used all over the world to help soldiers with PTSD, victims of genocide, and those affected by natural disasters.


What if it All Went Right?

“I have experienced a good many sorrows in my life… most of which have never happened.”  This quote by Mark Twain has many reported variations, but the common theme is that much suffering in life is for things imagined.

I often pose hypothetical situations to my children and ask them how we could make things happen.  I have one particularly “realistic” son who can usually give me all the reasons why it won’t work.  From patent issues to government regulations to general lack of public reception, there are generally multiple reasons why many of our ideas can’t be brought into reality.

I admit, I sometimes find myself in that same situation.  Making excuses for why “it” won’t work.  These imaginary road blocks that I imagine have kept me from moving forward on many occasions.  But, there are times that I haven’t listened to all those excuses and reasons and I have given myself permission to dream with the whole excitement and enthusiasm of one who has unbridled faith in the possibilities of achieving their dreams.

I have learned that there is only one cure for anxiety.  Picture the situation which scares you coming out with the best possible outcome, as though it has been orchestrated by divine guidance.

In 1998, after having several miscarriages, I found myself in the care of a fertility specialist. He ran all kinds of tests on both my husband and me and the conclusion was that while we would probably get pregnant many more times, there were about 23 reasons why we would never give birth to another child.

Fast forward 20 years, they were partially right. I did get pregnant many more times. In total I have had 42 confirmed pregnancies. However, I have given birth to 8 breathing children. 5 boys and 3 girls. In that moment if I had listened and resigned myself to someone else’s prediction for my life, I would have missed out on so much.

Instead, I expected the best, and I was rewarded for my persistence.

I used to paint the devil on the wall. I felt like if I prepared, I would be able to handle things if he showed up. What I have since learned is that I was creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Everything first exists as a thought. By imagining the worst, I am breathing life into that potentiality.

I much prefer the best possible outcome, because,

what if I make a difference?

What if I change somebody’s life for the better?

What if I am the change the world is waiting for?

I would much rather live with that potentiality…

What if it all goes right?