Cause V Effect

There is an equation in life that determines the quality of life we live.

Cause V Effect

When one is at cause, they are able to recognize their place in their own life story and write every situation in such a way that they learn a lesson and find a blessing in it. When you are at cause, you are the driver in your life. You have total control… maybe not of the outcome, however, you are always in control of your perspective. This is a life of power.

When one is at effect, they fail to recognize their place in the situation. Everything happens to them. The world is out to get them. They have absolutely no control of anything because someone else is driving. Effect is victimhood. This is the least powerful place to be.

It is possible to live a life where you are completely in control of your own perception. It is possible to own authorship of your story. It isn’t easy and it definitely isn’t always comfortable, but it is the only way to live a life of meaning.

If you find that there are areas of your life that always seem to be out of your control and you are ready to take back your power, I can empower you to step into that place.