The Purpose of Contrast

One of the things I like about this life is the value of expression. I love the millions of realities that exist and how they all kind of intertwine to create a cohesive growth experience.

I find it interesting to look back on my life and to see how many iterations of myself there have been. It is fun to see the growth and to recognize how my experiences have completely altered my perceptions of reality.

I am no better than anyone else. I am not special in my trials to the minimizing of anyone else’s. We each have come with our own agreements for the growth that we came here to obtain. We each have the opportunity to decide whether we will take the challenge that we made for ourselves in coming to this amazing experience we call life and rise above and learn to fly or if we will stay comfortable and just skate along.

I have had many opportunities for growth… we all have. My experience is unique to me. While others may have similarities, I can guarantee that there is not another person who has lived or who ever will live who has experienced my exact life experiences, filters and perceptions as I have.

I have been through some very difficult trials, and yet, there are many out there who have been through other different trials. I have been very blessed that my contrast is tailor made for me to attain the growth that I intended for this lifetime. And I am being called to share my insight and light with the world,  we all have a light. We all have a purpose. There is no one purpose that is greater than any other. We all work together in harmony to create what Wayne Dyer termed the “one song” of the Universe.

There must be contrast, yet how we experience it is totally up to us. Do we choose to immediately lower our vibration and to allow it to paralize us or take us below our potential? And when we do that, how long do we stay there? Can we see the lesson, embrace the growth and rise to our higher vibration, ever growing, ever improving and ever expanding as we make the most of this life?

We are all human. As such, we are all faced with the trials that come with that distinction. It is up to us how we face them, how we allow them to strengthen us.

I believe that we are each here as an expression of God. Through us He gets to experience the human experience. Some view Him as a judgmental and harsh God, punishing everyone who makes a mistake. I think life might be a little boring sitting in the clouds for eternity with nothing to do but throw lightning bolts and flood worlds. Instead of that view, I believe that it is his joy and delight to enjoy the human experience through us.

There must be contrast for us to recognize the good. People who live in Fiji where the temperature rarely gets below 70 degrees have no idea what cold is. I have a friend that lived their once and he told me that it kind of gets old after a while. Life that was only ever good would get boring. This is why I embrace the contrast and use it as fuel to get to the next vista. Life is good. It is perfect. I am a co-creator with God, and you are too. What kind of adventure are you going to have today?

Cause V Effect

There is an equation in life that determines the quality of life we live.

Cause V Effect

When one is at cause, they are able to recognize their place in their own life story and write every situation in such a way that they learn a lesson and find a blessing in it. When you are at cause, you are the driver in your life. You have total control… maybe not of the outcome, however, you are always in control of your perspective. This is a life of power.

When one is at effect, they fail to recognize their place in the situation. Everything happens to them. The world is out to get them. They have absolutely no control of anything because someone else is driving. Effect is victimhood. This is the least powerful place to be.

It is possible to live a life where you are completely in control of your own perception. It is possible to own authorship of your story. It isn’t easy and it definitely isn’t always comfortable, but it is the only way to live a life of meaning.

If you find that there are areas of your life that always seem to be out of your control and you are ready to take back your power, I can empower you to step into that place.